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Send a Message to Your Legislators Today - Strengthen BadgerCare in the Budget!

Lawmakers in Wisconsin are considering the Governor's proposed 2013-15 budget.Take a moment today to send them a message to Strengthen BadgerCare in the Budget!

Send a Letter to the Editor

Most readers turn to the Letters to the Editor page before any other page in the newspaper. If you really want your voice to be heard by thousands, one of the best ways is by writing a letter to the editor. We need your help to make sure your neighbors know what’s at stake for Wisconsin working families and their access to affordable health care. With the Governor and legislators still deciding whether to support the health care reform opportunity to fill the gap in BadgerCare, they need to hear public support for the program, and closing the coverage gap. Please consider submitting your own letter to the editor today or tomorrow to help raise awareness of this critical issue.

To submit a letter to the editor:

1) Draft your letter.  Most letters are limited to 200 or 250 words.

2) Submit your letter here.  One of our coalition members, Planned Parenthood, has graciously offered this program through their website. Please note that your letter to the editor will not apear to come from them, just you!  This is a quick and easy way to submit your letter to your local paper. 

Send a Photo

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) plans to cut over $500 million from our state's Medicaid Program including BadgerCare. Tostand up, speak out and make our support for BadgerCare heard and seen, we're starting a photo petition and we need your help NOW! Please take a few minutes to participate in our photo petition and help put a face to the thousands of Save BadgerCare supporters across Wisconsin!

Save BadgerCare Photo Petition Instructions

  1. Take a picture showing that you want to Save BadgerCare. You can print and use one of our signs, or you can get creative and make your own that explains why BadgerCare is important to you.
  2. Email your photo as an attachment to savebadgercare@gmail.com. Make sure you include your name, city and zip code.
  3. We'll post your photo on our site and use it to show our elected leaders that their constituents support and want to protect BadgerCare and Medicaid when policy decisions are made in the next month.
  4. Forward along to friends, family, colleagues and neighbors.

Be sure to check out some of our first photos by linking here and check back often to see our growing collection of Save BadgerCare supporters!


Support our Efforts

We've done amazing things over the past couple years to help speak out for Wisconsin's BadgerCare program. If you or your organization can, please consider making a contribution to help support this important work. Please take a moment to visit our online campaign and help spread the word.

Thank you for supporting BadgerCare and Medicaid.

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