Share Your Story

BadgerCare is one of Wisconsin’s most successful, popular programs. Chances are that you—or a friend, family member or someone you know—are one of the 750,000 Wisconsinites that rely on BadgerCare to stay healthy.

We want to hear your story of how BadgerCare has improved your life: has it allowed you to see a doctor? Has it helped you to monitor your diabetes or hypertension? Has it allowed you to ensure your children get regular check-ups?

Here's a great example:

Matt is a single adult with no children. In spite of his lengthy history of employment, a recent diagnosis of a hereditary pancreatic condition and subsequent hospitalizations made it difficult for him to maintain a job. Matt had always worked but had never been able to secure employer-sponsored health coverage. With his hospitalizations, Matt began to worry about his future and the rapidly growing cost of medical bills. Matt applied for and obtained BadgerCare Plus Basic coverage.
Before BadgerCare Basic, Matt had no insurance and had to go to the emergency room whenever his condition would flare up. Thanks to BadgerCare Plus Basic, Matt is able to manage his illness and its treatment, while still being able to hold down a job. If BadgerCare Plus Basic were to disappear, or if Matt were to be thrown off tomorrow, he wouldn’t be able to afford his medication, increasing the risk of a potential incident. Matt also wouldn’t be able to manage his condition in a clinical setting and would again rely on frequent and expensive emergency treatments.

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