BadgerCare: For a Healthier Wisconsin

BadgerCare is Wisconsin’s award-winning Medicaid program that provides health care coverage for more than 750,000 men and women—and their children—from across the state. Established in 1997 as a bipartisan effort to encourage work and improve health care in Wisconsin, BadgerCare has proven to be a highly effective—and cost-effective—program, successful in both rural and urban communities, in good economies and bad.

The Save BadgerCare Coalition consists of health care providers, public policy experts, disability rights advocates, consumers and the faith community working together to sustain BadgerCare and ensure health insurance for Wisconsin families.

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BadgerCare Works for Wisconsin!

  • BadgerCare works for all Wisconsinites, providing important health care coverage to working men and women—and their children—from all 72 Wisconsin counties.
  • BadgerCare works for our businesses, ensuring healthy, productive workers.
  • BadgerCare works for Wisconsin’s taxpayers, bringing hundreds of millions of federal dollars into the state’s economy.
  • BadgerCare works for our communities. When folks without insurance get sick they end up in emergency rooms or use expensive inpatient care. Costs skyrocket and hospitals pass those fees along to everyone. Employers often pay the most through increased insurance premiums. Ultimately we all pay a "hidden health tax."

Wisconsin Should Use the Affordable Care Act Opportunity to Fill the Gap in BadgerCare

The Affordable Care Act gives states the opportunity to ensure health insurance coverage of nearly all low-income individuals. In Wisconsin, our BadgerCare program provides coverage for parents and a small number of non-caretaker adults up to 200 percent of the poverty level, however, there is a large gap in coverage for the majority of non-custodial, low-income adults. These individuals (non-custodial adults with income below 138 percent of the poverty level) would be eligible for BadgerCare in 2014 if Wisconsin takes advantage of this federal funding. Read more...


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